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From Stop Smart; Evidence that wireless technology in general- and smart meters in particular- are causing serious health problems is growing every day.  Familiarize yourself with the science, and share this knowledge with your friends, family, neighbors and especially politicians and others who have the ability (and grave duty) to change policy, stop the smart grid- and order a full, impartial investigation into health impacts, privacy violations, overcharging, fire safety, and other flaws with the technology.

World Health Organization Designates Wireless as a Class 2B Carcinogen (pdf)

National Institutes of Health Study Reveals Cell Phones Alter Brain Activity

Santa Cruz County Health Department Report: Health Risks of Smart Meters (pdf)

Journal of Neuroscience- evidence for electro-sensitivity

Public health implications of wireless technologies (pdf)

Bioinitiative Report

UC Nuclear Policy Lecturer Dan Hirsch Report on Smart Meter Emission Strength (pdf)

Dr. Henry Lai’s Vienna Report on RFR Bioeffects (pdf)

American Academy of Envl. Medicine Recommends Patients Avoid Smart Meters (pdf)

More studies at:


From the NH Coalition Against Smart Meters:

Energy Policy Act 2005 : Smart Meters Not Mandated by Federal or State Agencies: (see P.3  “electric companies may offer time based pricing……”

Smart Meter Performance Testing:  NHEC Meters are not UL certified Meter Performance 


UL Certification:  Required to Meet Federal, State, Local Electrical Codes

New Critical Problem with Smart Meters: Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) and  Interference with Electrical Equipment and Electronics

CT. Attorney General Halts Smart Meters: Not cost effective; no consumer benefits; no energy savings



Congressional Research Service: Smart Meter Data: Privacy and Cybersecurity  (2012)

Smart Meter Data on Appliance Signature and Privacy Invasion

Smart Grid Cybersecurity Risks and Concerns – Smart Grid CyberSecurity Risks and Concerns.pdf

NIST White Paper on Standardization Issues for Smart Grid



IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer:  Smart Meter RF EMF Radiation Classified as 2B Carcinogen to Humans

Bioinitative Report, 2010  (610 Pages of over 2000 International Scientist Research Studies and Biologically Based Safety Standards for RF EMF Radiation Effects)

AAEM American Academy of Environmental Medicine Resolution for Moratorium on Smart Meters

AAEM Position Statement on EMF and Radiofrequency Radiation on Human Health

Sage Report:  Karollnska Institute;  Scientists Warn Against Wireless Rollout, EMF Radiation, and Risks to Children and Pregnant Women

Sage Report:  Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation from Smart Meters (includes tables of radiation above biological standard of safety)

Seletun Scientific Statement

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