From Stop Smart Meters:

“Smart” Meter Basics

EON3 Blog:

EMF Safety Network:

Sage Associates’ report on the RF emissions of smart meters:

The Utility Reform Network’s (TURN) page on ‘smart’ meters:

“Debunking the Dirty Dozen Smart Meter Myths”

Will Thomas, “The New Plague”

“Transmitting Smart Meters pose Serious Threat to Health”

“Just Say No To Big Brother’s Smart Meter” Orlean Koehle’s e-book.

Wireless Mess.

Security and Hacking

Utilities don’t know who owns all that information they collect from ‘smart’ meters:

Are “Smart”Meters Worth the Hacking Risk?

This study says TV viewing can be revealed by ‘smart’ meter data:

Health and RF Radiation

World Health Organization declares RF a class 2B  carcinogen, May 2011 (video).

Dr Magda Havas’s website: a variety of information about RF and health:

A useful compendium of links

Wireless Precaution, a comprehensive site about all aspects of common RF emitters in your life, and how to reduce exposure. Includes specific information, for example, about how far to be from your wifi unit:

Henry Lai’s important research: AND

Allan Frey’s pioneering work on the blood brain barrier breeches caused by RF:

Microwave News. Researcher Louis Slesin has been fighting the good fight since 1981. This site is a deep mine of history and science. Consider a donation.

Cell phone radiation inhibits melatonin, linked to breast cancer, sleep problems:

KTVU2 piece on household microwave RF:

Society of Environmental Journalists takes on ‘smart’ meter health issue:

“The Radiation Poisoning of America” Amy Worthington. Published in the Idaho Observer in 2007, it is still a thorough history of the issue.

“Silent Wireless Spring” Arthur Firstenberg’s historical account of the proliferation of wireless radiation exposure. How we got here from there.

“How Wireless Radiation Can Affect the Body” Health Canada issues warnings:

Effects of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose Metabolism:

Wifi Makes it Hard to Fall Asleep.

“Mobile Phone Use Wrecks Sleep”

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Trust, fighting for safer cell phone use.

Environmental Working Group. On everything from fracking to BPA, this organization is doing important work.

Environmental Health News. Read online or subscribe to their daily news digest.

Low doses can have significant endocrine disruption effects, from NIEHS.


EMF Safety Network is an excellent starting point for learning about electro-sensitivity.

Planet Thrive: How ‘smart’ meters are affecting people with sensitivities.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Evidence for a Novel Neurological Syndrome.

EMF Wise, a comprehensive site: Page on sensitivity:

UK site for electrosensitivity

“The Man Who Was Allergic to Radio Waves”

“Allergic Reactions Enhanced by Cell Phone Use.”

Former WHO president Gro Harlem Brundtland’s story of developing EHS.

Dirty Electricity: Sam Milham.

Greenbank VA, Refuge for Sensitives:

Wilner and Associates:

Sage Associates:

Wireless Mess

Personal Stories

Fire starts in man’s home just after ‘smart’ meter installation.

Animals and Nature

Smart Meter Nightmare #3: East County Woman and Pet Sick.

What you can learn from bees.

Dogs and ‘smart’ meters.

Cellphone Towers EMR Damaging Biological Systems of Birds, Insects, Humans

Cell Towers and Birds: Study

Testing and Shielding

One scientist’s simple proposal for testing ‘smart’ meter accuracy:

“How to Shield Your Smart Meter” The basic concept, on a website that also sells materials.

A page with shielding information,

“Smart Meter Shield” a patent device (pricey).


EMF Safety Network’s page for ‘smart’ meter health complaints.

Smart Meter Help, an independent confidential database of complaints related to ‘smart’ meter installations. [coming]

Texas article on ‘smart’ meter problems.

CPUC complaint site:

Petition to Stop and Ban Smart Meter Installations

Utility and Industry Links

CCST Report, April 2011.

Pacific Gas and Electric
San Diego Gas and Electric
Southern California Edison

Green Tech Media, inside the industry.

Silver Springs Network
Smart Meter Manufacturers Association


“How to Construct a Freeway Banner.”

Where to buy an analog meter

Read this SSM! post:

Texas Meter and Device.

Used Electric Meters, auction sales.

Political, Legal, Major News Outlets

Letter to Obama from EMR Policy Institute.

National Law Review on the risks of RF:

Wall Street Journal,  Sept 2010:
and Apr 2009:

NY Times, Jan 2011. AND

East Bay Express, July 2010.

County of Lake’s challenge to PG&E’s installations.

ABC7 in San Francisco: New Wireless Water Meters: AND Opt-Out Workshop:

Society of Environmental Journalists takes on ‘smart’ meter health issue:

Humor, Art, Music

“Hitler” confronts ‘smart’ meters.

From BC: loony cartoon, a little too close to reality.

List of ‘smart’ meter songs!

Cell Phone Radiation Issues (because it’s more widely covered re RF)

The World Health Organization’s recent designation of RF as possible carcinogen:

Environmental Health Trust, fighting for safer cell phone use. AND

San Francisco Dept of the Environment’s page for the Right-To-Know ordinance, passed 09.2011:

Concern about cell phones is about more than brain cancer.

Plain Talk about Cell Phone Safety, from Cindy Sage

12 Basic Precautions to Minimize Exposure (a primer).

Nine ways to reduce RF exposure from cell phone use:

Wireless Precaution, a comprehensive site about all aspects of common RF emitters in your life, and how to reduce exposure. Includes specific information about stopping your smartphone from auto-synching:

Children absorb more radiation from cell phones.

FCC testing for cell phone radiation is inadequate.

Ellie Marks’ remarkable and moving story of her fight to save her husband from cell-phone induced brain cancer, and her political fight for cell phone safety for all.

Cell phone addiction: Cell phone addiction: 
Cell phone addiction:

EMF-related Products

Saving Electricity and Gas

Several pages on


EON3’s youtube channel with several ‘smart’-meter-related videos.

CPUC Opt-Out Workshop (6 parts) (EON3)

Official CPUC Meeting Videos:

“The Dark Side of Smart Meters” Rob States on the dangers. Close to 100k views now.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE: DNA, Democracy and the ‘Wireless Revolution,’ EON3’s 2000 video about our ubiquitous RF environment.

Cindy Sage on the Bioinitiative Report (Eon3).

Youtube channel with various ‘smart’-meter related videos, including shielding demonstrations


Winnipeg Free Press.

Vancouver Sun News

“White Paper” on BC Hydro’s system.

WEEP Initiative.

Richmond BC


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