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Please join in supporting the The Prove-it Initiative: moratorium on new wireless campaign.

It’s easy, just go to THIS LINK
and make your voice heard. Send a letter to the President. Sign the petition and add your own comments. Prove-It is an excellent source of information on this subject and I encourage all to explore the site.

Additional petition comments to Obama are below. Feel free to use any or all to craft your own letter.

Mr. President,

Not only must deployment of these technologies be stayed immediately but opt out fees for smart meters must also be stayed and
switching back to electromechanical [analog] meters at no cost must be permitted. Smart meters are destroying lives now like no
other RF microwave device. There is no 10-30 year latency period as there is between moderate cell phone use and brain cancer. For
many people, the devastating results of meter exposure are immediate and acute. The cause and effect are clear although we have not
yet identified the mechanism or mechanisms [as we still have not with cancer].

There is at least a major segment of our population with knowledge of their acute electrical sensitivity [ES], sometimes referred to
as electrical hypersensitivity [EHS] or by other similar names. Estimates range from 3-10% which in actual numbers is huge. There
are probably another 20% exhibiting some of the various symptoms associated with electrical sensitivity who are not aware of the
cause. Some experts extrapolate based on known past incident trends that by 2017, 50% of the population will suffer from some degree
of electrical sensitivity.

By themselves and if manifested occasionally, common ES symptoms like ringing in the ears, headaches, fatigue, loss of cognitive
ability, insomnia, cardiac arrhythmia and nosebleeds may be minor problems but when these become chronic and acute as is generally
the case when sensitive populations are exposed for example to smart meters, the effects are debilitating and life destroying.

Because sensitivity can be acquired by exposure, we are all truly susceptible. Those with responses at present appear to be our
“canaries” and the problem is getting worse daily with the increased proliferation of what is now being termed electrosmog. Many of
us knowledgeable on this and other environmental and medical matters consider low level, presumably non-thermal, RF exposure to be
at least one of the greatest uncontrolled and toxic biological experiments of our time.

Recent survey data from the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters show definitively there is something unique about smart meters that
triggers new sensitivities in individuals [including those who had no knowledge a meter had been installed and knew nothing of the
issue] and worsens symptoms in those with existing symptoms. Survey results can be read on the Coalition web site as part of a
recent expert filing in the ongoing Maine PUC investigation into the safety of smart meters.

Smart meter exposure in particular seems an unprecedented national health emergency deserving immediate attention. Meters are
mandatory as opposed to the optional use of a cellphone although we are all starting to become victims of “second hand RF” from
other users and that is also involuntary. While some states offer opt out programs and the ability to retain the tried and true
analog meter, this is a false choice since with one exception [VT for now], additional coercive fees are required. Ratepayers faced
with the “choice” of having to pay to avoid harm or threat of harm rightly call this extortion, a federal crime prohibited by the
Hobbs Act.

Contributions to both political parties by utilities and telcom industries are probably unmatched. So too the suppression of
evidence by these industries over the years, of data showing harmful biological effects from low level radiofrequency microwave

It’s time to change this Mr. President, an hour’s research on the internet will show you clearly why.

Thank you.

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