A Letter To Your Medical Professional About Wireless Smart Meters


Many people have medical devices, and/or implants that can be affected by RF radiation. In addition, many people are suggering from symptoms resulting from exposure to EMFs. Here is a letter that you can send to your doctor, courtesy of Una St. Clair of the Citizens for Safe Technology Society.

Dear Medical Professional:

Your patient has asked us for support in providing you with information regarding the possible health risks from non-thermal microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, recently reclassified by the WHO/IARC as a Class 2B, possible human carcinogen.

This WHO risk category also includes lead, DDT, chloroform, and HIV, and is relevant to all wireless devices emitting radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including cordless phones, cell phones, IPads, Wi-Fi routers, wireless games, baby monitors, and smart meters.

A growing number of people (see item E (3)) are reporting sensitivities to pulsed wireless microwave radiofrequency emissions, and the most common symptoms reported are:

- Headaches and migraines
- Dizziness and vertigo
- Heart palpitations and arrhythmia
- Insomnia
- Extreme fatigue & exhaustion
- Immune disorders
- Depression and Mood Changes
- Anxiety and agitation
- Microwave hearing (buzzing, high tones)
- Ongoing “flu” symptoms
- Nausea and digestive difficulties
- Skin rashes
- Memory and concentration difficulties
- Joint and muscle pain
- Shortness of breath, asthma-like symptoms
- Flushing & tingling
- Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue symptoms

Good health is restored most often to these people by removing wireless devices from the home, and avoiding close exposure wherever possible. The greatest necessity is to be able to eliminate exposures within the home by eliminating sources of microwave radiofrequency.

Your patient is especially concerned that a wireless Smart Meter is being forced upon them without their consent, constituting uncontrolled and involuntary exposure within their home. These wireless meters send information in millisecond bursts of high intensity to reach collector units placed on power poles. Their home may also be designated a Smart Meter data collection point without their knowledge or consent.

Given that wireless information transmissions occur in milliseconds and there are 60,000 milliseconds in one minute, this would account for regular and continuous microwave “spikes” 24 hours per day when wireless functions are fully active. In addition to the information signals, the meters have a number of other wireless capabilities producing microwave radiofrequency emissions on an ongoing basis.

Please consider reviewing the small selection of science and articles listed below which may be relevant to your patientʼs situation This may be relevant to patients with medical implants, heart conditions, epilepsy, seizures, cancer, immune system disorders, diabetes, MS, MCS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, tinnitus, vertigo, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety and environmental sensitivities including electrosensitivity, to name a few.

For reference, there is a comprehensive collection of specific, informative links at:

A medical letter stating the health condition and recommending a non-radiating meter will allow your patients their individual right to choose risks within their own homes.
If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me at my e-mail address, una@citizensforsafetechnology.org.

We thank you for taking the time to study this information, and to consider acting in support of your patient’s health and wellbeing.

Yours truly,
Una St.Clair
Executive Director, Citizens for Safe Technology Society

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