Petition from NH Citizens to be sent to Governor Maggie Hassan Regarding Smart Meter CHOICE


Petition Message to be Sent to NH Governor Maggie Hassan:

Provide NH Citizens Their Right to Protect Their Home and Health from Wireless Utility Meter Radiation

Wireless Electric Meters are being “mandated” by NHEC to be installed on every one of 82,444 homes in the utility franchise area although there is no federal or state mandate requiring this. Wireless meters place serious potential risks affecting electric consumer health, safety, security, and privacy due to the radiation created by the wireless transmission of electrical use data. Citizens have a constitutional right to protect their health and safety from the wireless meter RF radiation now considered a possible cause of cancer by the International Agency for Research on Cancer; the cause of house fires that are being investigated across the nation; and the loss of security in the home through abuse of personal electrical use data obtained by those who would cause harm to persons or property.

Will you sign this petition?


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