Representative Calls for Oversight on Smart Meters


CONCORD – Rep. Paul Simard today raised concerns about “smart meters” being installed by the New Hampshire Electric Co-op (NHEC). Pennsylvania and Maryland are both investigating allegations that the electric meters have sparked house fires. Simard also cited concerns over the meters not being UL tested or certified.
At a Grafton County Commissioners’ meeting last month, both Commissioner Omer Ahern and Commissioner Raymond Burton voted to advise and suggest to the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative that they discontinue the program of mandatory installation of any “so called” smart meters and that if any Coop member wants to have them installed it would be by an “opt in” procedure.
Rep. Paul Simard
“I’m very concerned that the co-op has chosen to continue installing smart meters in spite of privacy and health concerns and reports of the electric smart meters sparking fires. This year the legislature passed Senate Bill 266, which prohibits electric utilities from installing and maintaining smart meter gateway devices without the residential or business property owner’s consent. However, confusion in the legislation on what classifies a smart meter may make it necessary to file corrective legislation, which I plan to do if needed. I’ve attempted but not yet been able to get clarification from the attorney general’s office.”

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