Grafton County Commissioner’s Position Statement Against Smart Meter Installations


For Immediate Press Release

Grafton County Commissoners’ Position Statement
Against Smart Meter Installations

 From Meeting Minutes, August 7, 2012:  In regard to the smart meters and the discontinuance of electric service, which was discussed at the July 24th meeting, Commissioner Ahern said that for clarity what was actually stated was that the New Hampshire Electrical Coop has asked that when a customer signs on to their service, the customer must agree to have new equipment installed. If the customer will not allow this equipment to be installed then there is a possibility that the customer’s electrical service could be discontinued. He said he has had a chance to rethink his position in this matter.  He now feels that he could vote and made the following motion:

Commissioner Ahern moved to have the Grafton County Commissioners advise and suggest to the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative that they discontinue the program of mandatory installation of any “so called” smart meters and that if any Coop member wants to have them installed it would be by an “opt in” procedure. Because of the potential health implications of these meters being installed and because they are not UL approved, for these and other reasons, it is not in the best interest of the people of Grafton County. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Burton.

DISCUSSION: Commissioner Cryans said he can not vote on this because he does not have enough information.
When the vote was taken Commissioners Ahern and Burton were in favor while Commissioner Cryans was opposed.

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NOTE FROM THE COALITION: You are strongly encouraged  to take the press releases and other resources from this website  to your County Commissioners, Senators and Representatives requesting their leadership support as part of your Coalition Member action.  You can make a difference!

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